Cerarock would like to let more people to get excellent building materials easily, that is not feelings but action.Cerarock's professional QC team is always stay with production line ensure the quality for every production.

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Cerarock flexible tiles is one of the new building materials to the market which is suitable for Interior & Exterior wall decoration.    
The special designs and characteristic can attract more clients easily.    
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About Us

About Us
Cerarock Flexible Tiles is one of the new technology building materials which suitable for interior and exterior wall decoration. Cerarock Flexible Tiles is made from modified mineral powder. It can absorb and desorbs indoor humidity faster than other building materials.

Cerarock Flexible Tiles already pass the relevant inspection by SGS.

With the feature as various style and shape, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, fire resistant, waterproof, crack resistant and impact resistant. Cerarock Flexible tiles can save a lot of labor and construction cost, shorten construction period, also achieve cost-effectiveness and environmental protection while maintaining the building beautiful, no harmful and toxic odor, radioactive substances, dust and noise pollution in construction, and no cracking, condensation phenomenon in later period. Which makes flexible tiles come to be one of the must choose materials of contemporary high-rise building decoration.