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    Description Size (mm) ㎡/CTN PCS/㎡ KG/CTN 20GP QTY
    Split Brick 60*240*3.5 6 60 21 7392㎡ (carton)
    Rustic Brick 60*220*3.5 6 62 21 6000㎡ (carton)
    Other Designs 600*300*4-5 4.5 5.55 25 4680㎡ (carton)
    Other Designs 1200*600*4-5 / / / 4233.6㎡ (pallet)
    Size and colors can be customized.

    Installation for reference (more details please contact):   
    1.Establish and mark horizontal / vertical setting out lines on the wall.
    2.Use a hand trowel to spread a thin even layer of the recommended tile adhesive to fully cover the back of  Flexible Tile. 
    3.Use a suitable notch trowel held at 45 degrees angle over the adhesive layer previously applied to creat a series of parallel ribs for solid bed adhesive coverage. 
    4. With the setting out lines as a guide, install the Flexible Tiles into position by using the plastic tamping board to ensure full adhesive contact with the wall surface. 
    5.After filling joints with the recommended grout and upon initial curing, scrape off excess grout followed by final cleaning with a damp sponge. 
    6.Using a dry sponge to remove the ashes.
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